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St. Peter & St. Paul's, Yalding    
Thursday 10.30am Said Communion
1st, 2nd, 3rd Sunday 09.30am Holy Communion
4th Sunday
All Age Worship
St. Margaret's, Collier Street
Holy Communion
St, Mary's, Laddingford    
2nd Sunday 9.00am Morning Worship
4th Sunday 9.00am Morning Communion
Benefice Service    
5th Sunday 10.00am See Events for details
St. Mary's, Laddingford
St. Mary’s, Laddingford was built around 1885 adjoining the school.  It is not consecrated and is not subject to Faculty jurisdiction

Contact Us - St. Mary's, Laddingford
Vicar Father Paul Kish 01622 814182 vicar@yaldingchurches.co.uk  
Churchwardens Rachel Curley 01622 814159 rachel@dizrat.com  
Jermey Tenison-Smith 01892 730910 jeremy.tenison_smith@yahoo.co.uk  
Parish Secretary Sue Crompton 01622 814182 office@yaldingchurches.co.uk  
PCC Secretary Sara Mahoney 01622 814420 pccsecretary@yaldingchurches.co.uk  
Safe Guarding Sue Crompton 01622 814182 office@yaldingchurches.co.uk